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"Absolutely fantastic!!! We will highly recommend WNC Property Management to everyone. Very professional, patient and knowledgeable. I got more than my money's worth."

- Sharon R.

"WNC Property Management handles all aspects of my 7 rental properties: Finding tenants, leases, handling deposits and rent collection, dealing with tenant issues, maintenance issues, etc.  Also, every transaction is shown online so there is no question on how much money came in or out and where money was spent.  I just wait for my income to be deposited into my bank account electronically every month. My experience has been outstanding so far! I spent a lot of time researching other management companies...a lot of companies grow so large that everyone (tenants and property owners) just become numbers on a spreadsheet. With WNC Property Management, there seems to be the right number of personnel in place to dedicate time to both tenants and property owners. Their rates are very competitive. It's amazing the level of care, concern, and value you receive for your money. Knowing I have a company I can trust handing the day to day gives me the freedom to pursue other ventures and spend extra time with my family. I would highly recommend WNC Property Management."

- Derek R.

"I could not be happier. I own a rental property in North Carolina but live in California so it was very important for me to feel comfortable with my property management. Since I can't be hands-on I needed somebody I could trust. WNCPM has been helpful...and continues to impress...prompt and efficient and always with the client's best interest in me a high rent for the neighborhood and found great tenants in almost no time. I needed to get work done on the house, and WNCPM made that easy with great referrals and thorough updates. Their website makes all of my accounting effortless. You won't find a better property manager in the Asheville area."

- Matt D.

“Absolutely professional, detailed, and caring service. I was with another Property Management provider for years. Knowing the business, I was constantly in a state of frustration. Working in CA and CT did not allow me much free time to visit the property. As it turns out, I didn't know what I was missing until I had the pleasure of meeting Simon from WNC Property Management. From the start, Simons communication was "spot on". Upon taking over the management he started a dialogue with my tenant, and scheduled a meeting with him, to perform a detailed house inspection. All the information was sent to me digitally within a few hours. For the first time in years I feel a sense of ease. Don't hesitate... WNC Property Management has it all.... And then some!!!”

- Gayle G.

"They manage several rentals that I own and also some undeveloped land. I’ve worked with other property managers, and in comparison, this company is way more organized, thorough, responsive, and ahead of the curve. This is not your average real estate sales office that manages properties on the side. Property management is their focus, and it shows.  I like their online tools and reports which make it easy for me to keep track of everything. I've been working with Simon and appreciate his insights and advice. Great with communication and keeping me up to date. Fees are reasonable. They have definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m very pleased with WNC Property Management and would highly recommend to anyone."

- Gary T.

"Our experience has been uniformly excellent and we enthusiastically recommend WNC Property Management...incredibly responsive, very detail oriented and super reliable. My wife and I are new rental property investors and we've been extremely impressed at how smoothly the experience has been working with Simon. He has exceeded our expectations across the board - everything from finding great tenants quickly, managing repairs and providing a great platform to handle financial reporting and recording keeping. In an area where handyman services are in high demand, they employ excellent people to perform repair and maintenance work at a very reasonable cost. Our experience has been so positive that we're considering investing in another rental property knowing that he'll be there to manage it."

- Vernon M.

"They went above and beyond to help me get a rental house back in shape and rented. I previously had a bad tenant who had done considerable damage and he was very difficult to deal with.  They arranged all of the repairs that were necessary and found new tenants.  It went great. They jump on any problem right away and keep me informed of anything I need to know. I would definitely recommend this property manager."

- Denise L

"Of all the property managers that we have worked with, this is the one in whom we are the most confident. Our experience leads us to believe that the care of our property is in good hands. We would most certainly recommend them to anyone else in the area looking to have someone manage their rental property."

- Toya H.

"Very easy to work with. They listen to your opinions as well as provide a lot of experience and professionalism. Great at marketing property and getting your home rented to qualified tenants. Everything was great. I would highly recommend this property management agency."

- Jeanette J.

“I thoroughly researched property managers in Asheville before making my decision and was very impressed by the professionalism of WNC Property Management. They have been highly responsive to my questions and needs and have provided a high level of service so far. If you are looking for a property manager in Asheville, I would recommend this company.”

- Anne B.

"I am so happy with WNC Property Management and would highly recommend them. I was told by a realtor friend that there are many companies out there doing property management, but few that do it well. WNC Property Management does it well. I appreciate the spot-on advice on rental housing matters"

- Cheryl D.

"Since I've been with WNCPM I am extremely satisfied and happy.  I have a lot of confidence in Simon Tisman and WNC Property Management.  He has worked with me to solve property issues in an outstanding manner.  It is clear he is organized and attentive to detail. WNC is available to me at all times and takes care of issues quickly and thoroughly.  I highly recommend his company.  WNCPM's knowledge and experience gives me a trust level that never existed before. Highly recommend!!!!"

- Jill H.

"Not only did they facilitate in all aspects of rental arrangements but managed a significant number of repairs to our home that the original contractor failed to complete.  All activities were executed on a very tight timetable to allow a new tenant to rent our home.  They have the staff, the followup, and communication is peerless.  We would without hesitation recommend Simon and WNC property management.  Without question he is one of the most professional and helpful individuals that we have ever dealt with in any business, let alone property management."

- Brenna M.

"We managed our own rentals before we retired and have since sold some. The ones we kept are managed by WNCPM. They pretty much handle everything - leasing, maintenance, accounting etc. They keep detailed reports on income and expenses for each property and prepare 1099’s. They also setup our accountant with access to their online accounting reports so we don't need to spend time being the middleman. Simon is a true professional. His company is great at what they do and their technology is excellent. Quality service, responsive, and very efficient.  I am thoroughly impressed with this company's performance. This is an extremely reliable and professional company and I would definitely recommend WNCPM."

- Isaac T.

"As long distance owners of a home, we relied on them to find new tenants and to address any issues that may arise. They were able to locate qualified tenants within a couple of weeks. The initial survey of our home and our needs was very complete and they handled all aspects of management in a very professional and timely manner."

- Ann S.

"Since the rental house belonged to my deceased parents I was very apprehensive about renting it out. WNC Property Management assured me that the house would be monitored very well and taken care of…very professional.I would recommend to anyone."

- Susan P.

"I live out of town, and it wouldn't be possible to effectively manage my rental property without them. Simon is of utmost professionalism and operates with profound integrity. He responds to questions and concerns immediately and is a clear communicator. I trust him ultimately to manage my property and would recommend him to anyone."

- Heather W.

"The value, personal attention and ease we have found with WNC Property Management has far exceeded our expectations- and my husband and I are picky when it comes to customer service! They've proven to be proactive and consistently quick responders in all of our communications. We are impressed with the value they offered and how easy it is to work with them. They are way better than we ever were at finding responsible tenants and it really matters that they are so skilled at handling all they types of issues that could come up with tenants.  We like how technologically savvy they are because we prefer to be paper free and they do online rent collection and allow for us to log in any time to see statements online. They significantly reduced our stress and it has been a saving grace in our marriage. I love that the psychological burden is off our shoulders because they do 24-hour emergency repair service that means we no longer have any of the typical mental headaches and logistical handyman burdens associated with being a DIY landlord."

- Emilia T.

"We have a rental house managed by WNC Property Management and are very happy with their service. Our point of contact is Simon, and he’s great at finding reliable, respectful tenants and keeps the property in good shape. He is very thorough and always follows thru with his word. So far it has been a very valuable relationship and a profitable year. Also when repairs were needed, they were completed quickly and economically."

- Corey C.

"They rented my two income properties quickly. Well worth not having to deal with the hassle of repairs and finding good tenants. They also do the landscaping for less than what I paid my old landscaper. Great job!"

- Matthew P.

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